Free Pak Sheikh…

Free Pak Sheikh

Free Pak Sheikh

It just don’t make any sense anymore. The guy from Bukit Bendera goes around shooting his mouth off and getting everyone angry is roaming free. Kickdefella’s action didn’t spark racial hatred or anything of that sort is now locked up! What the fuck is going wrong in my country!!




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One Response to Free Pak Sheikh…

  1. layarbahtera says:

    ( IMAM MAHDI )



    Salinan kepada:

    Yang Di Pertuan Agong Malaysia ( Baginda Sultan Mizan )

    Pejabat Istana Negara ( u/p Ust. Abd Aziz, Ust. Abd Rahman)

    Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri-Negeri (u/p Mufti)

    Pejabat Perdana Menteri Malaysia


    JUMAAT 17 OKTOBER 2008

    Sila layari . Terima Kasih

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